[ chainmail leggings

recipes: 1

Volume: 6 Weight: 9.29 lbs/4.21 kg
Bash: -3 Cut: 0 To-hit bonus: -1
Moves per attack: 159
Damage per move: -0.02
Materials: Steel, Leather
Can be obtained when disassembling: chainmail armor,

Covers: legs
Coverage: 95%
Encumberment: 2
Protection: Bash: 42 Cut: 42
Acid: 3     Fire: 24 Elec: 6
Environmental protection: 0
Warmth: 0
Storage: 0

Customized chainmail legs. Their leather straps keep everything in place and the lack of toes and heels allows them to work perfectly well with footwear.

This piece of clothing is designed to protect you from harm and withstand a lot of abuse