[ firefighter helmet

recipes: 2 construction: 1

Volume: 5 Weight: 1.81 lbs/0.82 kg
Bash: 4 Cut: 0 To-hit bonus: +1
Moves per attack: 98
Damage per move: 0.04
Materials: Steel

Covers: head
Coverage: 75%
Encumberment: 4
Protection: Bash: 24 Cut: 24
Acid: 0     Fire: 14 Elec: 0
Environmental protection: 1
Warmth: 15
Storage: 0

A distinctive helmet worn by firefighters. More than just a piece of firefighting equipment, they serve as a badge of honor and respect.

This piece of clothing won't let water through. Unless you jump in the river or something like that.

This piece of clothing is designed to protect you from harm and withstand a lot of abuse