( spraycan flamethrower

recipes: 5 craft

Volume: 2 Weight: 0.99 lbs/0.45 kg
Bash: 1 Cut: 0 To-hit bonus: -2
Moves per attack: 80
Damage per move: 0.01
Materials: Steel
Can be obtained when disassembling: shishkebab (off), No. 9 (off), firebrand (off), Rising Sun (off), flammenschwert (aus),

Ammunition: 50 rounds of:
Ammo Dmg Noise
gasoline 5 6
napalm 15 48
Range: -2
Armor-pierce: 0
Dispersion: 300
Recoil: 0
Reload time: 4000
Burst size: 1 Mod Locations:
1 grip; 1 stock

A favorite of hooligans around the world, this lighter duct-taped to a spray can is probably as dangerous to the user as anyone else. The nozzle has been crudely modified to disperse gasoline, and a small pump attached to the side allows for repressurization, though this process takes a few minutes.