[ pair of hand wraps

disassemble craft

Volume: 1 Weight: 0.22 lbs/0.10 kg
Bash: -3 Cut: 0 To-hit bonus: +2
Moves per attack: 70
Damage per move: -0.04
Materials: Cotton

Covers: hands
Coverage: 50%
Encumberment: 0
Protection: Bash: 2 Cut: 2
Acid: 2     Fire: 1 Elec: 4
Environmental protection: 0
Warmth: 5
Storage: 0

Long pieces of cloth that are meant to be wrapped around your hands to provide small amounts of protection while punching and performing other general mischief.

This piece of clothing is large enough to accommodate mutated anatomy.

This piece of clothing lies close to the skin and layers easily.