( heavy rail rifle


Volume: 18 Weight: 25.35 lbs/11.50 kg
Bash: 12 Cut: 0 To-hit bonus: -1
Moves per attack: 328
Damage per move: 0.04
Materials: Steel, Plastic

Ammunition: 10 rounds of:
Ammo Dmg Noise
rebar rail 70 114
steel rail 65 108
Damage: 40
Range: 40
Armor-pierce: 0
Dispersion: 100
Recoil: 300
Reload time: 200
Mod Locations:
4 accessories; 1 grip; 1 rail; 1 sights; 1 stock; 1 underbarrel

This overpowered and overengineered variant of the ferromagnetic rail rifle was designed to deliver electromagnetically-driven obliteration right through whatever obstacles that lies in front of it, be it buildings, vehicles or hordes of walking dead. However, the hefty bulk and weight of this weapon compared to most contemporary rifles makes it somewhat cumbersome to wield; not to mention that it consumes UPS charges at a tremendous rate, making it impractical for use in prolonged engagements.