[ long patchwork scarf (loose)

Volume: 4 Weight: 0.26 lbs/0.12 kg
Bash: 0 Cut: 0 To-hit bonus: -3
Moves per attack: 83
Damage per move: 0.00
Materials: Cotton
Maximum 0 charges

Covers: mouth
Coverage: 45%
Encumberment: 0
Protection: Bash: 2 Cut: 2
Acid: 2     Fire: 1 Elec: 4
Environmental protection: 1
Warmth: 10
Storage: 0

A very long light cloth scarf, worn over the mouth for warmth. With the extra length, it's enough to handle nonstandard facial features and accommodate your hands too. Use it to wear it tighter if you get too cold.

This piece of clothing is large enough to accommodate mutated anatomy.

This piece of clothing has pockets to warm your hands.