[ mining helmet (on)

construction: 1

Volume: 10 Weight: 1.75 lbs/0.80 kg
Bash: 6 Cut: 0 To-hit bonus: +0
Moves per attack: 118
Damage per move: 0.05
Materials: Plastic
Maximum 100 charges of: battery,

Covers: head
Coverage: 80%
Encumberment: 1
Protection: Bash: 16 Cut: 16
Acid: 16     Fire: 12 Elec: 16
Environmental protection: 0
Warmth: 5
Storage: 0

This is a mining helmet with a heavy duty LED flashlight. The flashlight is turned on, and continually draining its batteries. Use it to turn it off.

This piece of clothing won't let water through. Unless you jump in the river or something like that.