[ MBR vest (steel plating)

disassemble craft

Volume: 24 Weight: 22.60 lbs/10.25 kg
Bash: 8 Cut: 0 To-hit bonus: -3
Moves per attack: 331
Damage per move: 0.02
Materials: Kevlar, Steel

Covers: torso
Coverage: 85%
Encumberment: 4
Protection: Bash: 50 Cut: 70
Acid: 20     Fire: 45 Elec: 20
Environmental protection: 0
Warmth: 15
Storage: 4

A Modular Bullet Resistant Vest. Its armor pouches have steel plates in them; this improves protection, but makes the vest much heavier and encumbering.

This piece of clothing is designed to protect you from harm and withstand a lot of abuse