~ pine needle tea can be crafted with the following recipes

Skill used: cooking
Required skills: survival(2)
Difficulty: 2
Time to complete: 10 minutes
Tools required:
> 1 tool with cutting quality of 1
> 1 tool with boiling quality of 1
> hotplate (2 charges) OR charcoal smoker (1 charges) OR integrated toolset (2 charges) OR atomic coffee maker OR nearby fire OR coffeemaker (2 charges)
Components required:
> 1x pine bough
> 1x water OR 1x clean water
This recipe can be found in the following books when cooking is at least the required level:
Pocket Survival Guide (level 1)
Autobiography of a Mountain Man (level 1)
Outdoor Survival Guide (level 1)
Pitching a Tent (level 1)
Outdoor Adventures (level 1)
family cookbook (level 1)