[ rebreather mask

recipes: 3 craft

Volume: 2 Weight: 1.59 lbs/0.72 kg
Bash: 0 Cut: 0 To-hit bonus: -3
Moves per attack: 85
Damage per move: 0.00
Materials: Plastic, Aluminum
Maximum 60 charges of: rebreather filter cartridge,

Covers: mouth
Coverage: 75%
Encumberment: 3
Protection: Bash: 4 Cut: 8
Acid: 4     Fire: 4 Elec: 4
Environmental protection: 1
Warmth: 10
Storage: 0

A mask worn over your mouth which, when loaded with the proper filters, recycles your exhaled breath for rebreathing while underwater. Use it to turn it on.

This piece of clothing performs well even when soaking wet. This can feel good.