[ runner pack

recipes: 3

Volume: 6 Weight: 1.85 lbs/0.84 kg
Bash: 1 Cut: 0 To-hit bonus: +1
Moves per attack: 103
Damage per move: 0.01
Materials: Cotton, Plastic
Can be cut into: 3 rags, 3 plastic chunks,

Covers: torso
Coverage: 20%
Encumberment: 0
Protection: Bash: 4 Cut: 4
Acid: 4     Fire: 1 Elec: 6
Environmental protection: 0
Warmth: 0
Storage: 18

The obvious choice for outdoor athletes, this ergonomic backpack is light and easy to wear, ensuring comfort when carrying heavy and bulky items.

This piece of clothing won't let water through. Unless you jump in the river or something like that.