[ tactical full helmet

recipes: 2

Volume: 8 Weight: 2.92 lbs/1.32 kg
Bash: 10 Cut: 0 To-hit bonus: -1
Moves per attack: 119
Damage per move: 0.08
Materials: Kevlar, Plastic
Can be cut into: 4 Kevlar plates, 4 plastic chunks,

Covers: head, eyes, mouth
Coverage: 100%
Encumberment: 3
Protection: Bash: 30 Cut: 50
Acid: 30     Fire: 35 Elec: 30
Environmental protection: 2
Warmth: 15
Storage: 0

An all-encompassing black helmet that covers your entire face and neck, providing excellent protection from all sorts of damage.

This piece of clothing keeps the glare out of your eyes.

This piece of clothing is designed to protect you from harm and withstand a lot of abuse