? To Serve Man

Volume: 4 Weight: 1.00 lbs/0.45 kg
Bash: -2 Cut: 0 To-hit bonus: +0
Moves per attack: 88
Damage per move: -0.02
Materials: Paper

Can bring your cooking skill to 4
Requires cooking level 2 to understand.
Requires intelligence of 4 to easily read.
Reading this book affects your morale by -5
This book takes 10 minutes to read.
This book contains 26 crafting recipes:
rehydrated human flesh, dehydrated human flesh, brat bologna, smoked sucker, Mannwurst, hobo helper, niño nachos, niño nachos with cheese, jerk jerky, sap soup, prick pie, chili con cabron, poser pizza, Luigi lasagne, scoundrel spaghetti, sealed jar of soylent slices, sealed jar of sap soup, vacuum-packed salted simpleton slice, chump cheeseburger, tio taco, cheater chili dogs, cheapskate currywurst, bobburger, manwich, slob sandwich, sealed jar of pickled human flesh
It's... it's a cookbook!